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IWDA Membership Application

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Dues are collected annually, beginning January 1 of current year.

¨ Active Member $25.00 ¨ Associate Member $25.00 ¨ Lifetime Member $500.00

(One vote) (Non-voting) (One vote) (or $250 for 2 yrs)

Must own deer in Iowa

¨ Sponsor member $50.00 minimum (a sponsoring scale to be established soon)



I Acknowledge:

That I have an obligation to the deer farming industry to promote the highest standards of husbandry and health of the animals under my care, minimize their distress, enhance their natural protection from predators, parasites and diseases, provide them adequate feed, shelter and water and respect the environment at all times.

That these standards call for adequate and well-formulated health care program. Procedures which induce severe pain or distress, will only be performed under the direct supervision of a veterinarian, using anesthetics or analgesics when appropriate.

That transportation of my deer will be done humanely, using measures appropriate for the species.

The need to further my own knowledge of deer farming and will support participation by both myself and my employees in programs for continuing education and communication with other deer farmers.

That I have an obligation to all deer farmers to truthfully share the nonproprietary lessons of my experience; keep all existing laws, ordinances and quality standards; respect confidentiality and be responsible and accountable in all my business transactions. I shall adhere to a policy of truth in business transactions and shall promise only that which can be fulfilled.

That I have an obligation to ensure that animals sold are honestly represented. I will offer prospective buys the right to inspect my farm and livestock and I will deliver to the buyer upon requirement or request a veterinarian’s statement of health of the animals at time of sale.

Accepting these obligation as a member of the World Deer Farming Industry, I shall ensure that my business reflects the highest standards of ethical conduct respecting the international community and in dealing with my customers, employees, and regulatory agencies. I pledge observance and furtherance of the letter and spirit of the above World Deer Farming Code of Ethics.


I hereby make application for membership in the Iowa Whitetail Deer Association (IWDA) agreeing to conform to the Code of Ethics, Constitution and Bylaws governing the Association.

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Please mail this entire form, with your dues payment made payable to Iowa Whitetail Deer Association at:

2045 270th St.

Rockwell City, IA 50579